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The manufacturing and applications of nanoscale devices, particularly in the development of energy efficient nanoscale manufacturing, NEMS and novel non-von-Neumann computing using phase change materials

My current research focus is on the investigation of advanced functional materials, in particular organic small molecules, for solar cell applications.

Research areas of interest include polymer surfaces and interfaces, nanocomposites, thin film deposition onto polymers, thin film flexible electronics and photovoltaic materials.

We study the atomic scale structure and properties of surfaces and nanostructures, and also investigate molecular ordering on surfaces.

We aims to exploit the behaviour of devices and simple circuits to create efficient implementations of useful functions.

Materials for harsh environments and high temperature electronics. Failure analysis and design for inherently reliable operation at elevated temperatures.

Our mission is to explore the application of new types of glass in any area of ptoelectronics, the more unusual the better!

Professor Wright’s research centres on the design and development of future generation, non-volatile, memory technologies. 

My main research area is computational and theoretical magnetism, and especially the development of a numerical model to investigate and predict the behaviour of magnetic spin valve systems and the effect of eddy currents in nano-scale materials.